I consider myself relatively fashion savvy. But I must admit the whole concept of Steampunk had eluded me until recently. My first exposure to this fashion genre left me wondering if the guy had just stepped off the set of a Mad Max movie. I was so fascinated by the look that I decided to explore the world of Steampunk a little further.

I was astonished to learn the Steampunk movement has been around since the ‘80’s during a time when speculative fiction literature was all the rage. It was in this era that the term Steampunk was first uttered as a tongue in cheek variant of cyberpunk. However, it has evolved to become the chic elite cousin to the Cyberpunk movement. Thankfully, the concept of Steampunk is much more sophisticated than my first impression led me to believe. It’s not the look of a post-apocalyptic scavenger I had first assumed it was. But, an intricate combination of Victorian era meets modern with a little fantasy thrown in. This leaves lots of room for creativity and fun.

Infatuated by what I learned, I was anxious to try my hand at styling some SL Steampunk fashion. It was a pleasant surprise to find plenty of choices just by doing a simple “Steampunk” search in-world and in Marketplace. I had a blast and here’s what I came up with. 

GIZZA goes Steampunk!

When Gizza, one of my most favorite designers, released a Steampunk outfit I ran out and got it immediately! With the most elite designers putting their mark on the Steampunk fashion world, I’m sure Steampunk is making a comeback. In fact, I think Steampunk is  fast becoming the new black.

Complete outfit from Gizza

Hair: Vanity Hair– Avon- Noisette

Skin: Lara Hurley-Anya brown/Tan

Nails: Mandala nail palette 2/Long

Model and Photographer- Avalon Chrome

Steampunk Military Style

 Next is the military aspect of the Steampunk fashion scene. I chose green to show that browns and blacks aren’t the only colors used in this fashion genre. Also, check out the cool rose-colored pince-nez with the gear around one frame! Salute!

Steampunk in military


Jacket: Diram– Sophie – Green

Tights-DeDesigns – Constantine

Steampunk Aviator cap – Black Opal Designs

Aged Brass Pendulum Boots – The looking Glass

Finger Armour Charismatka

Pince-nez (color changeable)- Lassitude and Ennui

Gear Earrings and necklace Fion- Arundal Designs

Hair- Ballzy Ponytail Brunette- Chantkare

Skin- Lara Hurley– Anya Brown

Eyes: Fashism:’Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Grey

Nails- Nails: Mandala nail palette 2/Long

Model and Photographer- Avalon Chrome

Fallen Aviator

This outfit totally cracked me up so I just had to get it. This is a very light-hearted version of a Steampunk aviator. Notice the holes and tape on the wings. I love the textures and colors of this outfit. Not to mention the close attention to detail, right down to the wristwatch. Don’t you just love it?

Steampunk aviator with broken wings

E-Clipse Design -Fallen Aviator- comes in a complete outfit including hair, wings and shoes.

Viventa Ring by Casuka

Make-up- .:Glamorize:. Drama Browns – Camel

Skin- –Lara HurleyAnya brown/Tan

Nails- alaskametro ❤ nail makeup (fingers) – French Noir 1

Eyes- Expressive eyes blue 1 BIG by Nany Merlin

Model and Photograpther- Starr Fairlight 

Victorian Era Meets Sci-fi

Steampunk is all about the Victorian era with the bustle, corset and spat-like boots. But, it’s also about an alternative history when steam-powered ray guns were the order of the day.

Victorian style Steampunk with steam powered ray gun

Complete outfit from Arundal Design also includes jewellery and top hat

Boots: Victorian boot by Cattiva e Cattivo

Hair- Truth– Sarita, espresso

Nails- Nails: Mandala nail palette 2/Long

Eyes: Fashism:’Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Grey

Skin-Lara Hurley-Anya green/Tan- red lipgloss

Watch- Old Timer from B-You Jewelery

Ray gun- Thadovian LTD Steampunk Space Weapons

Model and Photograpther- Avalon Chrome

The New Black

Steampunk has been around a long time as an underground fashion movement. But, I believe it’s made its way into pop culture. It’s incredibly fun to wear and so versatile. Just dress Victorian, grab a clock gear or two, throw it on your top hat…grab your steam-powered ray gun and you’re good to go! Have fun and hang on because yes, Steampunk is the new black!

Streampunk- The New Black

 Skirt- Avialyn Double Lace Up- red- Curious Kitties

 Corset- Rune- Kyra Plum-DeDesigns

Steampunk TopHat- The Dreamer from BunnyStar

*VoguE* Winta Stocking Bottom

 Steampunk goggles in bronze by Ezura

 Ring-Kayma from Finesmith

 Earrings- Fionn by Arundal Design

 Bracelet- The Eccentric Samuri from Chop Zuey

Aged Brass Pundulum Boots-  The looking Glass

Black Leather gloves- XTC

Hair- [Nikita] Bright Breezy – CokeCherry

Skin- Lara Hurley-Anya green/Tan

Eyes: Fashism:’Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Grey

Model and Photograpther- Avalon Chrome